Engineering & Design

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We work closely with our customers to develop structures, machinery, equipment and processes that offer them the advantage they need to stay competitive in their market. Our innovation is driven by demand to come up with creative yet practical ways to make products that are safer, lighter, and leaner. In addition, application of Lean principles in all aspects of our business and design processes enable waste reduction in the manufacturing process, translating to reduced costs and time to market for our customers. Whatever the customer’s dream, we can help make it a reality.

3D modeling allows for complete flexibility by seamlessly adapting to project iterations. Get your product to market faster, more economically and with complete confidence. Pure Mosaic has the expertise to apply a variety of modelling disciplines to assist in moving your project closer to completion. Read more...

We can draft to any company's internal standard or more recognized guidelines such as ASME, ISO, AWS, CSA and more. If you are unsure of which standard is best for you, we can offer services tailored specifically to your industry. Read more...

FEA provides a competitive advantage by allowing innovation to happen more efficiently and at less expense. Avoid prototyping and testing delays by getting it right the first time. Read more...

We are the ideal partner to help you turn your idea into a reality. We have the skill level to take your idea from a napkin sketch to a commissioned product. Ready to develop your product? Our experienced staff will guide you through each and every step. Read more...

We are capable of optimizing the steel in your structure resulting in material savings and fabrication costs. Whether you are examining custom beams, tubulars, composite sections or exotic materials, stick and nodal analysis will ensure your structures will perform. Read more...

We are known for:

  • Our innovative yet practical approach
  • Our willingness to collaborate with our customers
  • Delivery of high quality product
  • Reduction of material and labour costs through parts standardization, minimization of pieces and 3D virtual prototyping
  • A unique design experience which includes:
    • Extensive collaboration with our customers at the front end and throughout the project
    • Dedicated project teams
    • Transparent project schedules with frequent and timely updates
    • Regular project health checks
    • Utilization of the latest in 3D CAD and data management software allowing for customization of drawings and documentation to customer preferences