Product Development & Testing

  • Pure Mosaic and Oil Country product development

We are the ideal partner to help you turn your idea into a reality through product development and testing. We have the skill level to take your idea from a napkin sketch to a commissioned product.

In the past, we have collaborated with a variety of business partners in developing new and unique products. A crucial stage of this process is creating industry-leading tests to validate designs. We are capable of developing testing parameters suitable to almost any situation, from strain gauge results to heavy duty load tests.

Ready to develop your product? Our experienced staff will guide you through each and every step:

  1. 3D Modelling
  2. Manufacturing drawings
  3. Finite element analysis
  4. Fabrication support
  5. Product testing
  6. Commissioning

Let us help with the development of your product, and ensure its function is safe and reliable.