Lean Training & Consulting

  • Lean training teaches continuous improvement
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Simply put, Lean means creating more value for your customers with fewer resources. Lean principles have directly attributed to increased profitability of manufacturing and fabrication companies for decades. These same principles are now also being applied successfully to many other sectors including construction, government, armed forces, health care, government, and many more.

By understanding the principles of Lean, business owners and managers can begin to lead change in their organization, get employees engaged in solving problems, and integrate continuous improvement thinking into their corporate culture.

Learn how just thinking about your work differently can dramatically improve productivity, which not only benefits your company internally but ultimately results in a happier customer.

Our Lean experts will engage your employees to adopt the 5 Principles of Lean Thinking and apply practical methods like 5S, value stream mapping, kanban, kaizen, and A3 thinking.

Explore our training options below, or contact us to start your journey towards eliminating waste and increasing profitability.

Lean Intro Workshops

Choose a fun and interactive Lean Intro workshop to learn about the principles of Lean and how Lean thinking can help your team dramatically improve productivity. No matter what your organization does, Lean will help you do it better.

Yellow Belt Certificate

Gives participants an overview of the basic principles of Lean thinking and outlines the essential Lean tools that can be applied in an organization to increase efficiency and quality, improve satisfaction and reduce waste.

Green Belt Certificate

Participants develop an understanding of the theory and effective application of Lean concepts, tools and practices. They are taught Lean problem solving and led by a Lean expert to target improvements within their organization.