Lean Yellow Belt Course Outline

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The Lean Yellow Belt certificate program provides participants with an overview of the basic principles of Lean thinking and outlines the essential Lean tools and practices that can be applied within an organization to increase efficiency and quality, improve satisfaction and reduce waste. It creates a basic level of Lean awareness, and an understanding of the benefits that can be achieved by following Lean best practices.

Program Objectives

  • Establish a basic understanding of Lean best practices and thinking
  • Complete all required reading and 10 study forms
  • Complete one (1) Gemba walk
  • Complete three (3) process improvement Kaizens
  • Complete one (1) 5S event

Program Structure

Introduction Workshop
Participants will be familiarized with the principles of Lean by operating workstations along an assembly line in a fictional aircraft plant.
  • See how Lean changes can dramatically improve productivity through a visual, hands-on simulation.
  • Understand the foundation, principles, and goals of a Lean organization.
  • Get introduced to the most common Lean tools.
Module 1: The 14 Principles of Lean
Lean isn't just about applying tools, it's about engaging people.
  • Identify what Lean is and what it isn’t.
  • Familiarity with the 14 principles of Lean.
  • Understand how Lean can be practically applied.
Module 2: 8 Wastes
Identifying your work as value-added (VA) versus non-value-added (NVA), and the 8 components of NVA will give clues on how to improve your processes.
  • Familiarity with the 8 types of waste in a work environment.
  • Can see and describe waste in a work environment.
Module 3: Incremental Improvement
Introduction to Kaizen and the power of small changes.
  • Define Kaizen and provide examples of Kaizen improvements.
  • Begin to identify opportunities for Kaizen improvements.
Module 4: Continuous Improvement
Fundamentals for building a lean culture.
  • Define "Learning Organization."
  • Identify the fundamental parts of a lean culture.
Module 5: 5S the Visible
Workplace organization.
  • Define each “S” in 5S.
  • Understand the benefit of 5S in a workplace.
  • Practice a 5S.
Module 6: 5S the Invisible
Electronic organization.
  • Understand how 5Sing can be applied to electronic workspaces, and understand the benefit of doing so.
  • Practice an electronic 5S.
Module 7: Communication and Planning
Make your work and processes visible, and start to move towards a proactive state.
  • Learn how to apply Lean to meetings and and reduce communication waste in the workplace.
Module 8: Personal Productivity
Control the uncontrollable.
  • Understand the myth of multi-tasking.
  • Learn multiple ways to apply Lean thinking to improve personal productivity.
Module 9: Applying Lean Thinking Part I
Okay, let’s reflect! Knowing what we know now, let’s learn how Lean Thinking can apply in your type of workplace.
  • Part I of II: Understand the specific application of Lean in a certain type of workplace. This is individualized for each study group, depending on what type of company they work for (i.e. knowledge work, manufacturing).
Module 10: Applying Lean Thinking Part II
Hindsight is 20-20! So let’s look at our work, and our processes with this newly created filter.
  • Part II of II: Understand the specific application of Lean in a certain type of workplace. This is individualized for each study group, depending on what type of company they work for (i.e. knowledge work, manufacturing).
    Total Duration:
24 hrs.


20%: Attendance and participation in group discussions
10%: Ten (10) completed study forms
20%: One (1) Gemba walk
30%: Three (3) process improvement Kaizens
20%: One (1) 5S event

100% Total

Program Delivery

This course is taught through a variety of activities including instructor-led sessions, group discussions, audio/visual presentations, and assignments.


$2,050 per student. Volume discounts available to employers. Please inquire for an estimate.

This course qualifies for Canada-Alberta Job Grant which covers up to two thirds of the training cost for employers.


Pure Mosaic Lean Champion Avel EspirituAvel Espiritu is an expert in Lean principles and practices. With 14 years of progressive experience leading and managing projects, he applies lean manufacturing principles to execute project tasks and bring them to a close – on schedule and within budget.

As an innate team builder and dedicated mentor, Avel enjoys coaching business owners how to think Lean, particularly when they see direct results to their bottom line. Avel is an ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, and is also the recipient of the Dale Carnegie Outstanding Performance Award.