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Curious if your roof can hold solar panels, or looking for a city permit to begin installation?

Get a stamped engineer's report within 24 hours. The report includes a thorough analysis
of your roof against all code requirements in Alberta, and our process is quick and painless.


Working with an engineer doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming. Our process has been refined so our customers get a report within 24 hours.


Our reports make the city's permitting office happy because we know exactly what they are looking for.


Our thorough knowledge of the Alberta and National building codes ensures your roof meets the proper requirements to hold a solar panel system.

How it works

What we'll need to know to give you a report:

  • Where the home is located
  • Dimensions of the solar panels you wish to use
  • How the solar panels will mount
  • Layout and orientation on your roof
  • Details of the roof structure

Once we receive this information, we will deliver your stamped engineering report within 24 hours.


Flat rate for a fixed mount residential install. Plus GST.

Questions? Give us a call first at 780-910-0893
or email us. (No strings attached.)